security issues

Tue, 19th June, 2018

AICES Members are committed to safeguarding passengers, crew, ground personnel and the general public against unlawful activity on a flight or within the confines of an airport. This can range from stopping smuggling to tackling terrorism.
No-one who visits a major cargo hub can be in any doubt that the industry employs modern, efficient screening and security procedures in respect of both items of cargo and personnel who handle them. The reception, processing and handling of cargo is carried out by properly recruited and trained staff. A range of security controls are used to ensure that cargo does not include prohibited items.  
The National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) provides the regulatory framework governing security arrangements at Britain’s airports. NASP is the responsibility of the Transport Security Directorate (TRANSEC). The aviation industry and the Government are brought together to discuss security issues under the umbrella of TRANSEC and AICES participates fully in this process.    
Our Security Committee consists of in-house security experts who have extensive knowledge of security issues and procedures and are familiar with national, European and international security requirements.
The express delivery sector has made considerable investment in strengthening UK airport security which has reached a high international standard and our Security Committee regularly meets to share information and best practice.  Click here for more